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The Maple tree has approximately 128 species worldwide. There are 13 native to North America. You can walk out of any residential home in Toronto and see some kind of maple tree in the nearby landscape. The native Sugar Maple is a beloved tree in Canada and here are some reasons why!

Our National Flag

The Canadian flag with the symbolic maple leaf signifies strength and endurance. Canadians are proud of the beloved flag and love to display it whenever they can.

So Many Varieties

Of the 128 different species, here are a few of the popular favourites: Sugar maples, Red maples, Japanese maples, Paperbark maples. There is a perfect choice for every landscape requirement.

Maple Syrup

Canada produces more than 80 percent of the world’s maple syrup. Who can imagine eating waffles and pancakes without it! Produce your own!


The larger varieties of maple trees provide excellent shade. Sitting down under the shade of a maple tree is definitely a nice way to spend a hot summer afternoon. Planting a maple tree for shade can also help to reduce air conditioning costs.

Japanese Maples

This type of maple is a very popular choice of tree to plant in Toronto. This species of maple is known for its many varied leaf colours and shapes. It is also a great choice for smaller sized yards.

Musical Instruments

The backsides of violins, violas, cellos and double basses are made of maple wood. Also, who knew that the maple tree plays a part in the great world of rock n roll…with the necks of electric guitars made of maple!

Fall Colour

Red Maples and Sugar Maples are the super stars of fall autumn colour. The display of the changing colour of leaves is one of the magnificent attributes of the maple tree. In areas surrounding Toronto, tourism definitely benefits with this fall show every season, as people plan road trips to the most colourful locations.

Survival of Honey Bees

Maple tree blooms are a major source of pollen in the early spring for the honey bees. We need to ensure there are adequate food sources to ensure the survival of our main pollinators.


Kids love maple tree seeds, affectionately called helicopters. The seeds spin like helicopter seeds as they fall to the ground. Next time you walk by a maple tree, pick up a seed and watch it spin as you drop it. Just another little bit of nature to impress your kids.


Who doesn’t need a little contemplation, which is one of the main purposes of the art of bonsai. The Japanese Maple is one of the most popular choices of tree for bonsai. Nurturing a small tree that can live inside your home is a very intriguing pursuit indeed.

All residential landscaping in Toronto can be enhanced by the endless varieties of Maples that can be planted. Your local landscaping company can help you discover which one is right for your landscaping needs.

Written by: Shirley