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Great Garden Design

A picture, A thought, A memory, A story…

These are some of the many ways we are inspired to create our garden designs and memorable landscapes. There is a story in every Toronto landscape;  but it is not our story, it”s your story, and we just bring it to life. Like a story, there is a beginning, middle and ending. The beginning is the possibilities that are present in the existing landscape. The middle is the work we do to create a landscape that encompasses your dreams and wishes.  And the ending is how you make use of your new space – how you LIVE OUTSIDE.

LIVE OUTSIDE That is our mantra, our wish for everyone.

Our Garden Design style? Our signature look?

garden design with retractable pool roofWe don’t have just one.  We create one for each and every one of our unique and individual clients.  An individual garden design for each client. It will reflect the wants and wishes of each homeowner. We do that with our team of talented professionals. Landscape architects, landscape garden designers, stonemasons, carpenters, project managers, landscape construction specialists, horticulturalists. So many, many collective years of experience.  Each member of the team so great at what they do.

The Garden Design Process?

It starts with a consultation. It starts with a concept. It starts with trust.  It moves towards a detailed garden design. An estimate and quotation of the projected costs. Acceptance. Then we have the implementation phase. The construction process. It could take a week, a month, a year, depending on the size and complexity of the project. It could take more than one year, if it is done in stages. We work with our clients to ensure that we meet their needs and their challenges.Backyard garden design

We finish. We leave. But there is no ending. There is new space.  Glorious outdoor space. A wonderful place to LIVE OUTSIDE.  An opportunity to relax in your own private oasis. A way to leave home without going anywhere.  A retreat. A sanctuary. Your own personal garden design come to life. A way to increase your own personal quality of life, and a way to have inspired  times with family and friends in your own personal outdoor space.

How Can You Take Part in This Design Process?

Call us at 905-761-9490 or at mail@dagracey.com. We will set up a consultation with you to discuss your individual requirements – we look forward to creating your own personal garden design.

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There are many ways to create garden designs and memorable landscapes, and a story in every one; it''s your story, and we help bring it to life.