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Vaughan Landscaping

Vaughan Landscaping – Turning Good Into Amazing

We know Vaughan landscaping, and we know landscapes that will will make your yard the envy of the neighbourhood! We live in Vaughan – that’s where the D.A Gracey office and shop is located. We drive these streets every day! Our landscape architects have spent many years creating designs within the City of Vaughan, handling development applications, permits and variances. We have worked with the Toronto Region Conservation Authority on many projects in Vaughan.

While we spend a great deal of time on keeping our website up to date, and our site photos current; there is a lot to be said for being able to show a prospective client a local landscape project, or one that is similar in style to the one that they are contemplating. It often helps a client to visualize their own project, and have a more realistic idea of whether a certain style is going to work for them. They also get an immediate idea of the quality of construction that we set as our standard.

Does Vaughan Landscaping have a certain style? No, it’s all about the individual style of each client. We customize each landscape design to each client, so they get what they want in their own personal space. Although, we do design a lot of backyards in Vaughan that have a pool in them, and put together an entire family backyard entertaining center! Picture a hot, hot summer day, with kids in the pool, and teenagers lounging poolside, waiting for the vast amounts of food required to feed them and all their friends. You are cooking all that food in your outdoor kitchen, overlooking the pool, hot tub and enjoying the sights and the colors of the lush planting surrounding the patio and deck.

We can make that picture come true! Or we can create an intimate, secluded backyard, with lots of privacy plantings; with the sound of water from a nearby water feature helping you to relax after a hectic day at work. A cute little bistro table is set for an outdoor dinner, with a chilled bottle of wine and two glasses waiting… So many ideas waiting to be put onto paper, and into the ground. So when you are thinking of creating an oasis for your Vaughan Landscaping, give us a call at 905-761-9490 or contact by email for a free quote.

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Turn your Vaughan landscaping into a garden oasis that will be the center of attention in your neighborhood, with a custom designed architectural plan!