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Landscaping companies in Toronto are often asked by homeowners how to keep their lawns healthy.

Canadians appreciate the green grass beneath their feet, because we only get to experience it for about seven months of the year. So why not have the best lawn you can have. Here are some tips for you to help you enjoy your lawn.

It all begins with the soil conditions. It makes sense that lawns that are nourished will produce the best growing conditions for grass. If you have clay based soil, you will need to start by aerating the soil and filling in the holes with a combo of sand and peat moss. Over time this will help to change the structure of the soil. This process also helps to decrease the compaction of the soil and will allow more water and air into the soil for healthier grass. If you have sandy soil, then you need to add some organic elements to the existing soil. Spread a thin layer of organic mix over the lawn and rake in. Organic mix can be store bought or used from your own compost pile. This helps to retain the moisture in the soil.

Fertilization is best done at least two times per year. In early spring and in late summer or early fall. The best fertilizer to use is slow release 10-10-10 or 10-6-8.

Adding grass seed to your lawn every fall will create denser grass that will help to crowd out weeds. Perennial Rye grass and Fescue blends are a good choice because these types of grass are pest resistant and require less water than a traditional blend with Kentucky Blue grass.

Lawns only require approximately 1” of water each week. Water fewer times but for a longer period of time. This will allow the water to seep deeply into the soil and get to the roots of the grass. Remember healthy roots produce healthy grass. Chinch Bugs hate water…so this is another reason to water your lawn. As a rule, grass is too dry if the soil is not moist 6” below the ground.

Another question often asked is what is the best height to cut grass? Mowing high is good for your lawn and a healthy height is 3”. This will discourage sun loving weeds and encourage good root development. This height will also keep the soil cool and moist, and these are ideal conditions for healthy grass. A couple of other tips…keep your lawn mower blades sharp and allow the grass clippings to remain on the lawn. The clippings are rich in Nitrogen, which helps to fertilize your lawn as the clippings decompose back into the soil.

Residential landscaping and gardening in Toronto can be great fun, so get out outside and enjoy yourself as you walk on your green and healthy lawn.

Post written by: Shirley