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As David Letterman retires this year, here is a tribute to his famous Top Ten List with the Top Ten Benefits of Landscaping and Gardening in residential Toronto.

Plant a large tree for shade.

There are many reasons for planting a tree. We all know that wearing sunscreen while outside is a must! A strategically planted tree will create some shade so you will be able to enjoy sitting outside on a sunny day while not being worried about getting too much sun. Trees planted on the south and west side of your house will help reduce air conditioning costs.

Grow your own food.

If you have never had the experience of picking fruits or vegetables out of your own garden, now is the time to start. Why purchase expensive organic produce when you can grow it yourself! Everything tastes betten when you have done the work to produce it and harvest it.

Save the Bee’s and Butterflies.

These guys are the top two pollinators of all time! Pollinators are more attracted to native plants, so plant some native species in your garden and keep them alive so they can pollinate and produce all the foods we love to eat. In Canada alone, 1.2 billion worth of horticultural produce depends on pollination by insects. For more information visit pollinationcanada.ca.

Plant a tree for future generations.

Why not plant a tree now so your kids can enjoy the beauty and benefits of mature trees. If each generation plants trees then just imagine how beautiful our landscapes will be in the future.

Get more exercise.

We have all heard that sitting can be hazardous to your health. There is no sitting down when you are gardening. Not only will it keep you physically fit but you will have the benefits of your labour when it comes time for you to take a well deserved break with cool drink under a shady tree.

Create privacy.

Most people like their neighbours; they just don’t want to see them. Plant a privacy hedge that will enhance your landscape. Sometimes a fence is just not enough, so privacy planting is key. There are a variety of trees both deciduous and evergreen that can be used.

Beautify your home inside and out.

All residential homes look better nestled in a beautiful landscape of shrubs, trees and flowers. Just imagine all the homes without any landscaping in your neighbourhood…ugly! Then imagine sitting inside looking outside without anything picturesque to look at.

Start a new hobby.

Gardening is a hobby that will keep your mind and body fit for ever. There is always something new to grow and learn about and you can do it your entire life.

Make new friends.

Join a local horticultural society. You will meet all kinds of interesting folks that will be more than willing to exchange plants and gardening stories.

Nurture your soul.

There is a mindfulness and meditative quality to gardening. Why hire a guru when you can get out there and cultivate yourself and your garden.

Post written by: Shirley