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We are really gearing up for the set-up and installation of our feature garden at Canada Blooms.  For weeks preparations have been underway; including selecting and ordering plant material and stone, sourcing special items for the garden and fine-tuning the design as we get more info about the location and exact size of the garden.  Mad chaos is about to begin, when the set-up starts on friday morning.  This year we are going to film this chaos; and show the progression from bare concrete floor to complete and finished garden. We will post that to YOUTUBE, so you can get an idea of the progress. One of my favorite moments of the show occurs every year when I arrive for the opening night gala, and I can take a deep breath in and smell the wonderful aroma of the soil, mulch, plants and flowers. For me, that is a true sign of spring. Usually when the show is over, and we get to come up for air, that same smell has magically perfumed the air outside as well. Then I begin to see other signs of spring as well – the first patch of green grass, more bird song, the sun actually rising before you have to get out of bed, and days long enough to enjoy them after the work day is over. So here’s to those first signs of spring, they can’t come soon enough for me.