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Our design is done, our write-ups and descriptions are done, and each crew is working on preparations for their portion of the build! Our whole staff is looking forward to that crazy few weeks in March that is known as Canada Blooms.  Our feature garden is a little different this year, with each of our foremen in charge of one of the four gardens within the garden. They are working on plenty of great ideas to ensure that everyone walking through the garden has a great experience.  JP is creating an Art Deco bedroom that includes a bed of flowers and an armoire of stone and 1920’s artwork.  Matt’s creation is a northern waterfall setting, chock full of rocks and evergreens, and the sounds of birds will be heard.  Stonemason Jon’s contemporary garden will be crisp, clean and minimalist in style, just like his favorite gardens.  Finally, Zen master Dave is creating a tranquil Japanese garden with deer scare, raked pebble garden and colorful wall panels.  So much to see in just 1590 square feet!  We will keep you posted with more tantalizing details!