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It’s been a really long day…actually, a really, really, long week at work.  After a quick stop at home to drop off your briefcase and change, you hop in a cab, still tired, but ready to relax with your friends. They have recently done a total landscape renovation on their home; both in the front and the backyard. Tonight they are having a backyard barbeque to celebrate  the completion of construction, and they are ready to entertain! The sun is still above the horizon, but the heat has gone from the day. Looking out the window of the cab you say to the driver, ‘It’s that brick house on the right. The one with the great landscaping.” As you get out of the cab with your gift bottle of wine for the hostess, you look around and enjoy the colorful flowers, the flagstone walkway and the meandering stone wall that leads your eye to the front door. However, you make your way to the funky iron gate at the side of the house. Pale lemon, peach and deep burgundy flowers nod along the side of the path that is leading you to the backyard. You can smell the fragrance from the lilacs and the other flowering shrubs, and hear the buzz of bees going about their business, but that is soon overwhelmed by the sound and the smell of steaks sizzling on the barbeque. As you turn the corner and get a view of the backyard, the deep blue tones of the pool catch your eye first. It is tucked neatly into the backyard, with the hot-tub nestled into the corner and more plantings nearby. Already, several kids are jumping off the diving rock, laughing as they try to see if they can get any of the adults wet. Then you see the big stone patio, filled with all your friends, talking and laughing; enjoying a glass of wine or an ice cold beer. A shout goes up and everyone waves; including your host who is waving with a set of tongs in his hand as he mans the barbeque. You join the crowd of your friends on the patio, instantly absorbed into the group and the conversation, and you think to yourself, ‘Nice way to start the weekend’.