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Many people forget or don’t realize that a garden or a landscape is always changing. It can take only a few short years for the sun/shade patterns to change if there is a mature tree on site; or a neighbor puts a second story addition onto the house next to your backyard.  Kids may start to play soccer in the yard…or the doggies begin to explore the garden beds (and destroy them). Plant material grows continuously. If we have done our homework, put the right plant in the right spot, the plant material won’t seriously overgrow the site. But regular maintenance is always required to keep a landscape installation looking it’s best.

As well, in spite of our best efforts, some plants grow well in each specific site conditions; and some don’t. This always requires some ‘tweaking’ or fine tuning. We move a few plants closer or farther apart; or change out ones that just aren’t doing what we expected.  All this requires an occasional site visit by our experienced horticulture staff, to do a few slight changes.

Living landscapes are not static but ever-changing. A walk in your garden each day will show you something new every time you take a look . As long as we view this continuous change as one of the  benefits to our sites; it becomes something to anticipate and look forward to.