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  Well, labour day has come and gone.  For landscape contractors it is the equivalent of the seventh inning stretch in baseball. Two thirds of the season is done; we are gearing up for a strong fall to finish up an awesome year.  Our crews have all been all-stars this year. They have been hard working and dedicated; changing landscape designs and dreams to solid and complete installations almost faster than we can design, sell and organize the jobs. New jobs are underway, which each job at least a little different than all the others that have gone before it. That is one thing that is consistent in the landscape design and construction industry; each job is unique.  No two sites have exactly the same conditions and constraints, or the same opportunities to create an individual design.  Each homeowner brings their wish list to the table, their budget, their schedule.  We supply the detailed knowledge and the artistic vision to transfer those ideas to an achievable design and budget.  That keeps things interesting for everyone involved; from the landscape architect, the cost estimator, the person sourcing materials, to the hard landscape crew, the stonemason crew, the carpentry crew and the horticulture crew.  Everyone enjoys working on a project that is different than anything else they have done. Many of the designs we are working on will not come to fruition for one to two years or even longer.  Last year, we did an installation for a design that we had done fourteen years ago!  It looks great, and proves that good things are worth waiting for.

Here’s to the eighth and ninth inning of the season; we are planning on continuing to hit home runs and have an exciting finish to our best landscape season ever.