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When you have a structure such as a deck, patio or staircase at a height above 2 feet or 60cm you must have a railing around it. This is a city regulation that is in place for our safety. So, if you must have a railing, why not have one that compliments your designed landscape and life.


The Wood Railing

Made of all wood this type of railing is the most common one used, and it is most economic on the wallet. The type of wood varies on your needs, and preferences. Simple linear rails or spindles are both common. They do tend to block some of the view beyond the deck or patio.


Wood and Metal combination

A more modern look is a railing that allows a cleaner look. The top rail is wood, with the dowlings being made of iron, or aluminum. This style of railing tends to be slightly more expensive. It has a more contemporary style while still keeping expenses in check.


Aluminium railing

The classic iron railing look without the price or maintenance! Usually looks best with a stone raised patio, rather than a wooden deck. It allows for safety, and a more elegant look combined into one.


Glass railings

Glass railings are very popular right now as they allow for great, seamless views, with modern and contemporary looks. There are options when it comes to glass railings. Glass with wood would be a more economical way to go. It suits many different styles and life styles. The other popular option is stainless steel with glass. The very slick look holds well with contemporary design. Often people think the upkeep on the glass would not be worth it but it is quite low maintenance. It also does not shatter if broken because tempered glass is used for safety. At D.A Gracey we often use one of these combinations. The glass lends itself to many design styles, and lifestyles.


Wrought Iron Railings

Like aluminium railings, iron work should be accompanied by stone. Traditional Wrought Iron is expensive, will need maintenance, but it is very beautiful especially used in the right area, and with the right home.


With so many design options you will need to see which one would suit you and your family best. At D.A Gracey we commonly use glass railings. They are great for around decks, raised patios, and balconies. We also use products that look like traditional iron work, but are in fact made of aluminium. The best of both worlds!