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Some may think that landscaping and plants are not very interesting. Well they are clearly wrong. Or perhaps that is just me. I think many would agree with that though, and I feel better about making that statement.


Here is a small list of landscape, plant and garden reading material that will make bedtime reading go into the wee hours of the morning.


Manual of Woody Landscape Plants: Their Identification, Ornamental Characteristics, Culture, Propagation and Uses

Meacheal A. Dirr

Some refer to this as the bible! It is big, and has the answers to any tree question you could ever have, so I suppose it really could be. There will always be that tree you can’t identify, or you second guess yourself. This manual will help with those mystery trees!


Genius of Place – the life of Frederick law Olmsted

Justin Martin

It is important to know where many design fundamentals come from. Frederick Law Olmsted was arguably the most important historical figure that the average American knows the least about. Best remembered for his landscape architecture, from New York’s Central Park to Boston’s Emerald Necklace to Stanford University’s campus, Olmsted was also an influential journalist, early voice for the environment, and much more!


The Illustrated History of the Countryside

Oliver Rackham

In every field, tree, hedge, and pond lie clues to the secrets of the past — and this handbook will inaugurate you into those mysteries, revealing how to do rural detection and interpret the evidence nature has left for us. This book is based in England, but you can use the problem solving tricks here in Canada.


Grow Wild – Native plant gardening in Canada

Lorraine Johnson

Often there are properties that require native plants to be planted. In other cases, we just like planting native plants! There are a huge range of varieties of plants that are simply beautiful when put together in your residential landscape.


The Harrowsmith Perennial Garden

Patrick Lima

This book is a great guide, and has many answers to common questions on perennial gardening. It ranges from starting plants from seed, garden maintenance, to showing many varieties of perennials that are suitable for our climate.


Sheridan Nurseries Catalogue

This catalogue is great for quick information. Also for reviewing your plant material and getting more familiar with new varieties.



So there you have it. Reading material that ranges from light, to heavier, to informative. Happy reading!