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Inspiration comes from everywhere. It can come from travelling, watching a television show, a movie, or just visiting a friend’s beautifully landscaped yard. Perhaps you saw aspects that you liked here and there. Things that you just cannot live without.

At D.A Gracey & Associates we take your dreams and wishes and turn them into reality. You went to Florida, or Mexico to escape the terrible winter and saw some ‘must have’ landscaping? Well… We cannot actually give you the exact same landscaping. We can use your inspiration and transform your landscaping into something you still love. We can give you the same feel although different plants might be used. Most plants that would be used in the Deep South would not survive in our Canadian climates. Though the feeling that consumed you while you were on vacation can be relived through your landscaping.

If you love Restoration Hardware and want something just as simple, and at the same time regal? That can easily be done with many types of shrubs and topiary. That fire pit at your sister’s house was nice… but not something that would suit your style. We have done custom firepits, and custom everything for that matter. All designs can be made to suit your individual needs and inspirations.

If Muskoka style is what you truly want, but the cottage life style is not visible at the moment? This is not an uncommon dilemma. All the beautiful granite, water, and entertaining made easy. This can be translated into your landscape. Making it your family’s space to grow and enjoy the outdoors, as the Muskoka life style does.

Within our inspirations we want to try and evoke feelings that bring us back to a memory. A memory that brings us back to a place that made you feel relaxed, and inspired. Creating a landscape that you can escape to when you get home from work or a stressful day is the ultimate in keeping a healthy mind.

Get inspired by the movies, by travelling, and by dreaming! Tell us your dreams and we will make them a reality.

By: Courtney Cotter