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We often get asked ‘Where do we get our ideas from?’  And the answer is ‘Everywhere’.  We travel to offbeat and far distant places as often as possible; and visiting a new destination or another culture is a great way to be inspired for future designs.  The above photo of the ‘floating’ steps’, set our minds racing once we saw it on a recent trip! Often, discussions with clients can get our minds travelling in new directions as well.  Great books and magazines on various topics can also get us roaming along new paths. Inspiring built landscapes, parks, museums, a wonderfully designed public space can all provide us with inspiration and help us work towards resolving design issues in current projects.  Even dreams can start the mind working along new pathways. There is no single source for inspiration; but rather it’s a combination of what you know, what you see, what you think and what you want that creates a new and unique design suitable for a particular space and a particular client.