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I’m the kind of girl who sees something I have deemed as great or doable and then I go about it slowly. I wonder can I do this, and what will it take for me to start this. I won’t bore you with all things that I’ve picked up and attempted. Gardening was a great thing for me to get into. Get right in there because at the end of it all, you will always get a little dirty, it doesn’t matter how slow or fast, you work, you’re doing it, and it will never be finished! There will always be more that can be done. Here is a short breakdown of what you need or need to think about before you venture outside an get to work.

Clothing – Always wear something loose, or comfortable. It is important to be able to move and bend freely. The other main thing to think about it coverage! A light long sleeve shirt is great. The key is to keep the sun at bay to avoid UV damage to your skin.

Sun block – gardening has many benefits, getting a nice glow is great for your complexion, but be sure to protect yourself against those UV rays!

Hat – Even though gardening isn’t always hard work the sun might make you feel that way. So keep that sun off your face, head and neck. It also prevents sun damage to your eyes. Wear sunglasses as well.

Gloves – these are optional. Gloves are good for getting into places you can’t or do not want to touch with your naked hand. Personally I don’t mind getting in there with bare hands. However I do work with landscapers who wouldn’t notice a ton of dirt under my nails.

Pruners – A good set of pruners or secateurs makes a gardener’s life much simpler! Pruning, dead heading, and cutting back plant material with sharp, well oiled pruners will
save your hands in the long run.

And that is really about it – the bare minimum to start gardening. When you first start be sure to stretch a bit beforehand. While this may sound silly it is important because while most movements are slow, you are still using lots of different muscles than you use for other types of exercise.


Your garden is your space. If you like a wild country garden – great! If you like nothing touching, and everything just so – great! Gardening is for you, and how much you put into it. Have fun!