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How do you know which landscaping company is right for you?  There are a number of questions you can ask.  The answers and information you receive will guide you towards the selection of a company that will help you achieve the desired results for your residential landscape project.

Here are a few of the questions we feel will help you determine your best choice of landscaping company.

1.         Does this company specialize in the type of work you want done? Do they offer the services you require for your project or will many items be sub-contracted? 2.         Do you need a design done?  If so, select a company that has a landscape architect or landscape designers on staff. 3.         How long has the landscaping company been in business?  A minimum of 5 to 10 years would help to ensure they have the needed experience to competently deal with the complexities of your project, and resolve any issues which may crop up during construction. 4.         Do they warranty their work for a minimum of one year or more?  It is generally estimated in the landscape industry that 5 to 10% of new plant material will fail or die, and replacements will be required.  As well, we often go back to projects in the first couple of years after construction to make small adjustment to ensure that the project is perfect for the homeowners. 5.         Does this landscaping company work in your area, and do they construct projects of a similar size and complexity to your proposed landscape project?  The answer to these two questions should be YES.  This helps to ensure that the company will be efficient at completing a project the size of yours, in a timely manner. 6.         Do they offer to give you the names, contact information and addresses of other projects similar in style to your project?  Preferably projects in your area, as well.  This is a very important point that can help you to determine whether your chosen landscape company is the right one for you. 7.         Is the proposed company a member in good standing in organizations that are part of their industry?  Landscape Ontario and the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects are the two main umbrella organizations that regulate the landscape industry in Ontario. 8.         Have you checked out the website, online portfolio, blog and facebook page for the company? All of these will provide you with good insight into the landscaping company that you are researching.  The information they provide should be meaningful and current. 9.         Are they recognized by their peers?  Award-winning projects show that a company is proud of their work and works hard to be the best at what they do. 10.       Do you feel confident in working with the person/people representing this company?  Do you feel that they understand your vision for your project and will translate that into reality?  An amicable working relationship makes any project proceed smoothly. Once you have the answers to all these questions, you should be clear and confident in your choice of landscaping company – if you have any questions or would like a free quote, please call us today or send us an email, and we look forward to hearing from you…