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At this time of the year I just can’t wait to see that first hint of green in the grass;  and the first pops of colorful blooms from my perennials. A fair amount of time is spent looking at the pictures I took of the garden last summer, and of course I make many new landscape design plans and resolutions that will ensure that my gardens look wonderful all year long.  One of the pictures that caught my eye was this iris. It came from the garden of Adam’s grandmother. She has been gone for many years now, but we think of her when we see these bright blooms every spring.  We also have peonies and hosta that were from her garden;  as well as rhubarb from my grandmother’s garden, dating back to the 1950’s at least. Often when we design or renovate gardens, there are special plants to be saved, salvaged or featured that have similar meaning to our homeowners and clients.  And although they may not be a ‘fit’ in the grand scheme, there is always room to tuck an heirloom plant into a new spot in the garden, where it will continue to bring back happy memories and celebrate important people in our lives.