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Having a place to really relax and be in the moment is ideal to have. Being able to do that in your own back yard, steps away from your house is even better! Getting into the garden goes beyond pretty flowers (while that does help), but there are more benefits to know about.



Most gardening is low impact exercising. It is great for getting outside in the fresh air, and just moving. There is slow but good movement going on – bending, walking and pulling. While that doesn’t sound like much, bending and pulling call be a lot like squats, with some arm machine as well. I have personally come out of a day of planting thinking that day “I did pretty good! I kept up, and planted my fair share”. The next day I know I planted my fair share with a sore butt and thighs! The key is working at your own steady pace – especially in your own garden.


Stress relief and mental health

Gardening is a great way to disconnect from the world. In a world where we are attached to our phone and computers, gardening is a good way to disconnect. Puttering in the garden doesn’t need to be perfect. There is no right or wrong way to do what you like in your garden. Certain plants require a certain amount of attention, but it is up to you how structured you are with that. Being able to watch something you planted grow and flower is very rewarding. With being outside, moving, and enjoying what you are doing one can truly improve your state of mind.



Growing your own vegetables is pretty great – I can’t lie. Being able to walk outside and pick peas, tomatoes, asparagus for dinner is great! Not only did you plant it, but you know everything about it! Did you use fertilizer or grow organic? And fresh – you can’t get anything fresher. You will get more aware of local food and your environment, and what effect the weather has on your crop. When you do start to have your first glimpse of veggies though – that is a new kind of excited!


So now it is time to get outside and get dirty! Walk through your garden, and ask questions and make plans. When D.A Gracey has created your landscape and your garden, we are always willing to answer questions. Get outside!