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To D.A Gracey & Associates Ltd a contemporary landscape is one which is defined by clean lines and a simple layout.   A limited palette of materials are used for both the hard and soft landscape components, for items such as; paving, fencing and plant material. Instead of using a large variety of different elements an emphasis on blocks of colour and texture produces an uncluttered and serene feeling to these landscapes. Metals such as cortan steel, stainless steel, copper etc. and glass may also figure prominently in a contemporary landscape. Fire and water are also key element to many of these landscapes.

The space between the forms created takes on more importance in a contemporary landscape design, as they are more prominent in a design with fewer elements.  Although these designs tend to be very linear in nature that is not always the case, but even the curves used will follow very simple geometric forms.

In most cases when we are asked to design and build a contemporary landscape it is done as an extension of a home which is architecturally contemporary in design.  Often in these cases the homes have an abundance of glass which helps to blur the line between the inside and the outside, and therefore the landscape can be designed as an extension of the home using similar materials, colours and textures.

Green building is becoming a strong component of contemporary design with an emphasis on energy efficiency and the use of sustainable, natural and recycled materials to create a more eco-friendly home.