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We took the opportunity to catch a mid-season break as we headed into the August long weekend.  Thursday saw everyone work a half day; and then head up to the Gracey’s country house for an afternoon and evening of fun. We had the  landscaper Olympics which included extreme bocce, lawn croquet, the hotly contested horseshoes, a bloody wheelbarrow race battle, tug-of-war and volleyball. After a quick swim to cool off, we wined and dined the staff with a clambake – lots of seafood cooked in the coals of the firepit, ribs, coleslaw and blueberry pie. We all ate to excess. A little poker game finished off the evening in style, and everyone got to start their long weekend early on friday. With all the heat, and the long hours everyone has been working, it serves as a well deserved extra long weekend for all and a great mid-season break that allows us to catch our breath and be ready for the second half of the landscape season!