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Ruttan Residence – 2012 Landscape Ontario: Award of Excellence

Ruttan Residence – 2012

Landscape Ontario: Award of Excellence

This classic Toronto home sits on a corner site,  with most of the landscape area in the front yard.  This required some creative thinking; in order to accommodate the clients’ wishes for a private outdoor dining area, as well as a lounge area.

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Privacy was created through the use of solid but decorative cedar fencing, as well as the addition of  extremely large cedars to create an instant hedge.  Wrought iron fencing adds detail as well as limiting access.  The existing garage also serves as one wall of the dining area.  While the created space is not huge; it is large enough for the required dining and lounge areas. With the barbeque directly across from back door of the house, the dining set takes centre stage.  Simple plantings of boxwood add greenery year round.  The dining season is also extended through the use of a propane heater.

The lounge area is around the corner of the house, helping to reinforce the idea of a separate outdoor room.  In spite of it’s location next to the a busy intersection, it is a quiet and restful area. This is helped by the white noise effect of the bubbling rock, which is nestled in a nearby corner.  Again, simple plantings enhance the feel of the area, but do not overpower the small space. Both these spaces use Unilock’s Umbriano pavers as the surface.  It’s simple, clean lines  add to the classic elegance of the space.

Also in the side yard is an individually fenced dog run and utility area.  Low maintenance pea gravel is the surface of choice, however, large saw-cut Owen Sound flagstones ensure easy access through the area.

Through a wrought iron gate is the front yard. It includes a timeless, high quality Owen Sound flagstone walkway and wall, and Manitoulin stone steps.  The stone blends seamlessly with the house. The walkways are simple, yet functional; and showcase the house well.  Simple plantings have lots of color to compliment the shades in the stone, brick and paint of the house.  All season color in leaf and blooms, winter interest from the boxwood hedge, and seasonal urns add the finishing touches to this  quiet and elegent home.