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Ravine Entertainment

Ravine Entertainment

This lovely house sits on a quiet and shaded street; with a backyard that edges onto a forested ravine. It is a peaceful and quiet refuge from the owners’ busy life. They asked for a backyard design and construction that continued the modern design that was evident throughout the interior of their home.

The starting point of this design was the fire table; it was to be a focal point of the backyard. Another requirement from the owners was an outdoor dining space large enough to accommodate their ‘Table for Twelve’ and it’s canopy.

The balance of the design evolved around these two elements. The main floor deck is large enough to include a spacious lounge set of furniture, as well as the barbeque. Glass railings were used to maintain the forest view, and keep an open feel to the space. Trex fabricated wood was used to decrease the required maintenance.

The cedar pergola is open on one side, and screened on the other to provide privacy for the dining area of the terrace. It leads the eye from the house and the deck towards the fire table and it’s pea gravel seating area. The walkway below the pergola and the terrace

is constructed of flamed finish black granite, and installed with exquisite skill to create almost invisible joints. The perimeter and secondary paths are constructed of Owen Sound random flagstone, tying these elements to the natural surroundings.

A very simple planting scheme was implemented, playing off the strong linear elements of the site and the design. Although simple, the plant materials were chosen to provide lots of color, form and texture in this densely shaded garden. The forest serves as a backdrop for the garden. Additional planting for privacy from the nearby, neighboring hot tub was achieved with the planting of large hemlocks.

The final element of this residential backyard is an additional second floor deck; accessible only through the master bedroom. A bistro table and two chairs, as well as an oversized lounger with canopy provide a secluded spot for a birds-eye view of the natural surroundings and this tranquil, restful modern refuge from everyday life.