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Murray Residence – 2012 Landscape Ontario: Award of Excellence

Murray Residence – 2012

Landscape Ontario: Award of Excellence

The backyard of this new home in Etobicoke was a blank slate when the project was started.  The homeowner requested a space totally geared towards the enjoyment and entertainment of his family. This was accomplished through the installation of a swimming pool, lounge and seating areas, poolside dining area,  and a deck that facilitates the ease of movement from house to pool, with a bar that overlooks the action.

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The deck was created from Trex wood, for low maintenance.  It is large enough for the barbeque, the bar, a couple of seats, and a built in corner fridge.  The glass railings keep the space open to the nearby poolside action, and help to keep everything light and airy.  In keeping with this, the bar has a glass top that creates a dazzling place to have a  mohito or a margarita!  At the base of the deck is the poolside dining space, just a step or two from the pool.

With it’s clean lines and classic materials, the pool is the centerpiece of the yard. The deep blue colors add depth and interest.  The concrete pavers blend seamlessly with the Indiana sandstone of the pool edge and the nearby retaining wall. The nearby pool house is tucked in the corner, yet is attractive itself.  Lighting highlights the high points of this backyard for night-time viewing.

A retaining wall at the deep end of the pool divides the plantings from the pool. All around the perimeter of the site, large beeches and cedars have been installed to create instant privacy hedges, blocking some unattractive neighboring elements. A yew hedge serves to separate the pool from the seating area, without impeding the views of the pool. This area is anchored by some comfortable patio furniture and a fire-table, which is of great benefit on cool evenings.

Simple, wooden painted screens provide privacy in the areas where there is little or no room for planting, and match the gate.  There is no way to know what a stunning backyard is hidden away just on the other side of the gate.