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McGregor Residence – 2004 Landscape Ontario: Award of Excellence

McGregor Residence – 2004 Landscape Ontario: Award of Excellence

This design came about from the Homeowners request to make the sound of running water a big part of their backyard experience. They also wanted a backyard that their two small boys would enjoy. This request led to the development of a waterfall that cascaded from below their deck, over natural granite boulders, traveled down a river and emptied into a pond which was large and deep enough to be the home of goldfish and koi. A natural stone bridge traverses the river, ensuring that you are close to the water as you walk out to the grassy backyard. Beyond the pond is a hot tub, adjacent to the master bedroom.

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The hard landscape area of three decks, and one stone patio, are surrounded by lush plantings of shrubs and perennials that enhance the water feature with year round color, texture and lots of flower color in season.  Water plants live in the pond, and adjacent to the pond are many riparian plants.  Natural grasses are an attractive feature of the area.  Birds, butterflies, hummingbirds and other assorted wildlife are often to be seen visiting the water feature and the plantings.

The deck was edged and cut around the rocks for a great detailed look.  Great care was taken with the placement of the granite rocks to ensure a natural look. The careful placement of rock was also done to ensure that the boys could safely clamber around the rocks with their only danger that of getting wet.

The homeowners are thrilled with the landscape that now defines their outdoor living space.  They barbeque and eat dinner outside on a regular basis. They can entertain groups of 50 or more outside, knowing their guests are enjoying the sights and sounds of water and a natural landscape as much as they do on an everyday basis.